Human resources are crucial for any academic facility. On GenOuest, along the years, we were lucky enough to recruit several people whose combined expertise allows us to face the many challenges of today’s Biology.

Permanent people
Olivier Sallou
Team leader
Cloud computing, Docker, web development, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.
Olivier Collin
ELIXIR-CONVERGE, EuroScienceGateway
Sébastien Philippot
System and network administrator
Linux, computing, storage management, network security, etc.
Anthony Bretaudeau
Bioinformatics engineer – Bipaa team leader
Python, php, galaxy, docker, Next-Generation Sequencing.
Stéphanie Robin
Bioinformatics engineer – Bipaa team
Data analysis, Next-Generation Sequencing
  Matéo Boudet
Bioinformatics engineer – GOGEPP team
FAIR data management
Jeanne Got
Bioinformatics engineer – Dyliss team
Software developement, Next-Generation Sequencing, Systems Biology
Mariette Nivard – ECOBIO
Quality engineer
Quality management
Marie Le Roïc
Administrative assistant
Jacques Nicolas
Scientific supervisor
Non-permanent people
Konogan Bourhy
Development engineer
maDMP4LS Project

Romane Libouban
Development engineer
EuroScienceGateway Project

Eva Mercier
Development engineer
EuroScienceGateway Project

Thomas Picouet
Development engineer
Eskemm Data Project