Computing resources

We offer several ways to carry out your data analysis on our ressources to better suit to your needs and expertise.

Available through the command line, our cluster allows you to launch data analysis software or to develop your own applications. We can also use a Galaxy portal or our cloud infrastructure.

Expertise and Training

We can provide support for your software development projects. Many projects were carried out in collaboration with the GenOuest engineers.

We can also help you for your data analysis.
Every 4 months a training session to our different technologies is proposed through training events.

Scientific collaboration environment

Collaborate effectively with our online environment that will help you elaborate and manage your research projects. The CeSGO environment is a one stop shop that offers you collaborative services, project management, scientific data sharing and management along with data analysis.

Software and Data

A subset of the main bioinformatics software is already installed and ready to use on our infrastructure.
The major public databanks are already available and managed by our BioMAJ software.

You can use our software manager database or the BioMAJ interface to check for available tools and databanks.