RapsoDyn is a 8 years project funded by French Investment for the future (Investissement d’avenir, bioressources), call 2011 and is coordinated by Nathalie Nesi, UMR IGEPP, Inra Rennes.

This project’s name stand for “Optimisation of the RAPeSeed Oil content anD Yield under low Nitrogen input”. It aim to help and speed up selection of adapted B. napus variety, through genetic and genomic approaches.

GenOuest member involved: Coline Thomas

Dr Motifs

Dr Motifs is a bioinformatics project launched by the GenOuest bioinformatics platform (Rennes, France) in March 2010. This project is funded by IBiSA.

Dr Motifs stands for “Découverte et Recherche de Motifs” in French. If you don’t speak French, this means “Patterns discovery and matching” in English.
The aim of this project is to provide a complete platform for the study of motifs in biological data like nucleic or proteic sequences.
A more complete description of the project and its goal is available here.

Dr Motifs website: www.drmotifs.org
GenOuest member involved: Anthony Bretaudeau

The e-Biogenouest project : towards an e-Science approach in the Western France life sciences

A Biogenouest unifying project funded by the Brittany and Pays de la Loire French regions, started in May 2012.

Its goal is to evaluate development possibility of the Information and communication technologies (ICT, TIC in French) use in life sciences in western France. It consists of a test phase that will lead to the writing of a masterplan targeting the development of infrastructure and tools needed to develop an e-Science approach in the Western France.

GenOuest member involved:  coordination : Olivier Collin   /   animation : Yvan Le Bras
e-Biogenouest HUB:  http://www.e-biogenouest.org/

MapDeCoDe (workpackage 2.2)

A France Genomic project, started in late october 2012.
Its goal is to identify and evaluate as many mapping tools as possible. We will investigate novel metrics and exhaustive test sets in order to grade them according to their biological applications and data specifities, memory requirements, execution time.

The result will be a freely accessible website where biologists will be able to find the best suited software for their mapping needs.

Partner teams: MIG (INRA), Bonsai (Lille 1, CNRS, INRIA), GenScale (INRIA – IRISA), IG (CEA)
GenOuest member involved: Sivasangari Nandy and Renaud Jullien

EMME project (Experimental Metadata Management Environment)

EMME, started in November 2011, is an IBISA project. It aims at facilitating the data integration and exchange among different entities of Biogenouest.
EMME suggests the use of tools developed by the ISA team to manage experimental metadata and BioInvIndex (BII) submission. Thus, information and data from each experiment will be more easily available.

EMME portalhttp://emme.genouest.org/
GenOuest member involved : Cyril Monjeaud

ECS Project (Evolution of Cooperation behaviour of plants-Symbionts)

ECS is a French metagenomics 3 years ANR project that started in 2012. It aims at characterizing and understanding the relationships between microorganisms and plant roots in symbioses. Plants cultural methods would be then better understood. To reach this objective, 16S RNA data are sampled and sequenced within different experimental conditions.

GenOuest member involved: Mathieu Bahin (mathieu.bahin@irisa.fr)
Partners: OSUR (Rennes, France), Max Planck Insitute (Köln, Germany) and the Universities of Minnesota (USA), Arizona (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Nantes (France).
Website: http://ecs-project.univ-rennes1.fr/news.php