Murano is a tool to simplify deployment and configuration of one or several instances. For example, Murano can deploy a usage-ready Slurm cluster, or a Jupyter notebook, in only a few clics.


Murano use “environnements”. Each environnement can contain several applications. Each environnement usually has his own security group. An application is a set of one or more instances, aiming to be use-ready. For instance, an application can be a SQL database, or a whole cluster.

Selecting your package

To access the Murano interface, please select the Murano tab on the left sidebar. From there, select the “Applications” tab. You then have access to a selection of ready to deploy applications.


Application configuration

To quickly launch your application, please use the “Quick deploy” button. A new environnement will be created, and you will then have to customize your deployment. The amount of customization will vary depending on the package. Parameters can includes:


Launching your deployment

After you are done configuring your application(s), you can launch the instances by pushing the “Deploy environnement” button. You will be able to follow in real-time the deployment of the application(s)


Accessing the instances

Murano instances behave as normal instances. You can see all your instances in the “Project” tab, in the “Instances” category. You can connect to them with ssh as you would for normal instances.

Adding new applications

To add a new application to the Genouest catalog, you will need to write a Murano package. Details are available here. Please contact the Genouest support if you need additional information regarding the package writing process.