Genostack is a cloud computing platform base on Openstack. It provides compute resource on-demand.

Genostack aims to replace Genocloud as the Genouest cloud computing platform.



Genostack provide roughly the same service as Genocloud did : allowing users to create and use virtual machine pour computation. The usage workflow remain the same:

  1. Creation of a custom VM by the user, either from scratch or with a template
  2. Secure access and computing by the user
  3. Deletion of the instance

Genostack brings the volumes to the table, allowing the user to store and share data and images.


In Genostack, all users are in a private tenant. Only them have access to their private images and instances. Instances, private images, security groups and volumes are in the scope of a tenant (If you change tenant you will not be able to use them). SSH keys are in the user scope (You and only you will be able to use them, no matter the project) Main

Tenants however are not restricted to one user. Access to a group project with other users can be granted on demand, allowing them to share data and instances. Main