We have a catalog of services, from custom developments to web hosting.

  • A complete bioinformatics environment 

We provide a complete bioinformatics environment based on a cluster including many common academic software and public databanks regularly updated with our Biomaj tool. You can use our environment under different ways : using the Linux command line interface or using web portals such as Galaxy.

  • Trainings

We provide multiple kind of trainings for bioinformatics. From languages to methodologies, we have grouped our training portfolio with other academic institutes to have a broad range of choice. Do not hesitate to visit our training web site.

  • Custom developments

We can develop custom applications with you or for you.
Whether you just need an application web front-end, some tools to build and update your databases or develop a new software from scratch, we can help you from the design, up to the development and the production setup. We have skills in PHP, Ruby, Java, Python and more…

  • Expertise

Need someone to help you? You do not understand some tools, you feel lost with your NGS data, or you would like to build a project with bioinformatics researchers to build novel analysis tools? We will help you or give you some contacts. Feel free to contact us at the address.