ECS Project (Evolution of Cooperation behaviour of plants-Symbionts)

ECS is a French metagenomics 3 years ANR project that started in 2012. It aims at characterizing and understanding the relationships between microorganisms and plant roots in symbioses. Plants cultural methods would be then better understood. To reach this objective, 16S RNA data are sampled and sequenced within different experimental conditions.

GenOuest member involved: Mathieu Bahin (
Partners: OSUR (Rennes, France), Max Planck Insitute (Köln, Germany) and the Universities of Minnesota (USA), Arizona (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Nantes (France).

“Journées de la plate-forme GenOuest” : 10th edition – Networks in Bioinformatics

We are pleased to announce our next annual meeting dedicated to bioinformatics topics, which will be held by the Genouest Platform on November the 30th 2012 at IRISA-INRIA, Rennes.

This 10th edition will focus on the different aspects of networks in Biology. Keynote talks bringing together biology and bioinformatics will allow to the public to discover different aspects of networks in many biological fields.

The meeting will be held in the INRIA/IRISA Amphithéatre, Rennes. This meeting is supported by Biogenouest.

Registration to this event is free but mandatory. To register, follow this link.

New web site revamping

We have worked on our web site to give you a better access to our services and a nicer interface.
We hope you will enjoy it!
You will also find at the top of the web site a status of our cluster as well as its current load. It is an indicator to help you decide if it is time (or not) to launch your jobs.